Bruyère @ Schlegel CLRI Conference – Walk With Me

Posted Date: April 22, 2014 Posted By: Alexei Kintero


On March 24th – 25th, 2014, the Schlegel Centre for Learning, Research and Innovation (CLRI) in Long-Term Care hosted the second annual Ontario CLRI conference in Toronto, Ontario. This conference, entitled, Walk With Me: Changing the culture of aging in Canada, was the first national event to address culture change within long-term and community care.


Our own Bruyère CLRI was largely involved in the event as participants on the conference’s planning committee, and as exhibitors. In addition, we co-facilitated a workshop with Valerie Fiset from Algonquin College on “Clinical Leadership for Culture Change”, and co-presented on the “Changing Culture of Learning and Discovery in Long-Term Care” with Baycrest and Schlegel’s CLRIs. This was an opportunity for the Bruyère CLRI to present its e-learning initiatives and to provide attendees with knowledge and tools for exploring e-learning within their facilities.


The Bruyère CLRI will host the next annual CLRI conference in the fall of 2015, which will showcase its research and capacity planning projects, as well as its education initiatives.


Bruyère CLRI roll-up poster