Bruyère CLRI @ OANHSS Annual Meeting & Convention (April 2014)

Posted Date: May 13, 2014 Posted By: Alexei Kintero


The Bruyère CLRI was proud to attend and deliver two presentations at the Annual OANHSS Meeting and Convention (April 28 – 30th, 2014) in Toronto, ON. The event featured several engaging sessions, workshops, keynote speakers, and special guests, including Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care in Ontario. The Minister spoke to delegates about critical issues facing LTC and praised the work of the Ontario CLRIs in helping to address issues such as quality of care for complex residents and inappropriate prescribing.


The three Ontario CLRIs presented “Innovative Approaches to Staff Education” to demonstrate creative solutions to overcoming barriers within staff education. We discussed how to engage team members in impactful and inter-professional education via methods such as e-learning, simulation and arts-based learning, and a hands-on “living classroom”. Tracy Luciani, Knowledge Broker, led the presentation on behalf of the Bruyère CLRI.


Three of our researchers presented “Planning for Future Capacity Needs: New Research from the Bruyère CLRI”, which focused on system-level capacity planning initiatives. Annie Robitaille, post-doctoral fellow (University of Ottawa), explored responsive behaviours and their triggers; Peter Tanuseputro, research fellow (Ottawa Health Research Institute) talked about health care costs at end of life in long-term care; and Jonathan Patrick, scientist and professor (University of Ottawa), discussed his research on the improvement of transitions through care, and the reduction of service wait times.



CLRI staff standing around the OANHSS Conference podium

Melissa Donskov, Raquel Meyer, Susan Brown, Tracy Luciani, and Mary-Lou van der Horst at the OANHSS Convention

Annie Robitaille, Jonathan Patrick, and Peter Tanuseputro at the OANHSS Convention in April 2014

Annie Robitaille, Jonathan Patrick, and Peter Tanuseputro at the OANHSS Convention