Bruyère CLRI @ Taming of the Queue (April 2014)

Posted Date: May 13, 2014 Posted By: Alexei Kintero


Taming of the Queue is an annual conference that brings together a community of interest from across Canada to discuss access and wait time issues. Representing a wide range of perspectives, conference participants assess progress being made on wait-time measurement and management. These events enhance knowledge about the issue, while best practices are exchanged and used to help shape the public policy agenda. This year’s invitational conference was held April 3-4, 2014 at the Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel in Ottawa, ON.


Pegram Noghani, a Bruyère CLRI researcher, was invited to present his poster on Modeling the Community Care Services for Alternative Level of Care (ALC) Patients: A Queuing Network Approach.


For more information on this project, in addition to any of the Bruyère CLRI’s projects, feel free to visit our Bruyère CLRI website, or contact Tracy Luciani, Knowledge Broker at or 613-562-6262 x 2571.


Pedram Noghani in front of his research poster

Pedram Noghani