Culture Change Exchange: Register by November 28/16

Posted Date: November 21, 2016 Posted By: Emily Kuurstra


Register by Monday, November 28th for the Schlegel CLRI’s Culture Change Exchange on December 7, 2016.  It’s a great opportunity to network and learn more about how to enhance the culture in your long-term care home!


This event features Dr. Allen Power, internationally-renowned geriatrician, educator, and culture change mentor; as well as twenty other speakers from Ontario’s long-term care sector sharing their inspiring experiences and practical ideas about challenging traditional institutional models of care and changing the culture of long-term care to put living first.


Attend in-person at the Centre of Excellence for Innovation in Aging in Waterloo, Ontario, or have only one person pay for registration and watch the conference online with your team through interactive live-streaming. The cost is $100 for those from Ontario long-term care homes.


Visit the RIA/Schlegel CLRI website for more information (including meeting agenda) and to REGISTER ONLINE.