Environmental Scan of Ontario’s Behavioural Support Transition Units (BSTUs)

Posted Date: June 20, 2017 Posted By: Emily Kuurstra


Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) & brainXchange released a new report, Environmental Scan of Ontario’s Behavioural Support Transition Units (BSTUs). The report presents general information about the BSTUs for the purposes of learning, knowledge sharing, and quality improvement. 


In 2016, the Bruyère CLRI joined the BSTU Collaborative, which is part of Ontario’s Best Practice Exchange. The Collaborative designed and facilitated the environmental scan of Ontario’s BSTUs. Click here to learn more about the BSTU Collaborative and to access the report.


To contribute to the Collaborative, the Bruyère CLRI team drew on one of its past projects, Meeting Future Need Through Specialization in Long-Term Care Homes. This project focused on existing designated specialized units in Ontario’s long-term care homes. The designated units either wrap higher intensity care around residents with complex responsive behaviours, which are frequently related to dementia (BSTUs), or support the needs of residents who require dialysis.


To learn more about specialized units visit http://clri-ltc.ca/resource-category/specialized-units/ or read the article, Designated Specialized Units: How Ontario’s long-term care homes fill a gap in care, which was published in Healthcare Management Forum (October 2016).