Working Toward an Integrated Respite System for Seniors Living with Dementia in the Champlain Region

Posted Date: December 15, 2017 Posted By: Michaela Berniquez


On December 6, 2017, the Bruyère CLRI, Champlain Dementia Network, and Mind the Gap joined forces to present an engaging and informative webinar. The webinar covered the topic of respite care in Ontario, particularly for individuals with dementia.


Mind the Gap, a grassroots group made up of families of those with dementia, spoke of their personal experiences to provide a caregiver’s perspective. Natasha Poushinsky spoke on behalf of the Champlain Dementia Network, summarizing a report on an initiative designed to create a more person-centred strategy for respite options in the Champlain Region. Andrew Rodrigues spoke on behalf of the Bruyère CLRI by summarizing a report about the realities of short-stay respite programs in LTC homes.


Following this webinar, the topic was covered in an article in Home & Long-Term Care Magazine. The article discusses why the need for an integrated respite system is so dire, and breaks down what was discussed throughout the webinar.


Watch the full webinar here.

Read the Home & Long-Term Care Magazine article here (page 18).