About Us

In September 2011, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care established three Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation. Funded for 4.5 years, the inaugural host organizations are Schlegel, Bruyère, and Baycrest.

Our centres enhance the quality of care in the long-term care sector through:

  • Education, research, innovation, evidence-based delivery and knowledge transfer; and
  • Facilitating collaborations between researchers, educators, long-term care home personnel and other practitioners in the development, adoption and continuous improvement of evidence-based best practices that increase the efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and quality of care.

 Our work supports long-term care homes to:

  • Deliver the right level of care, in the right place, and at the right time across the continuum of care;
  • Contribute to enhanced quality of life and the provision of quality of care for residents of long-term care homes;
  • Promote a dynamic culture within the long-term care sector, which is responsive to client needs;
  • Develop and enhance the expertise of long-term care home staff, and promote the long-term care sector as an employer of choice; and
  • Provide efficient and effective care.

Goals of the CLRI Program:

  • Provide educational opportunities and promote career opportunities within long-term care settings to develop a workforce with the knowledge and skills to deliver quality care to long-term care home residents;
  • Foster interdisciplinary/inter-professional learning and development of all health care providers and disciplines;
  • Contribute to the development of learning curricula, which prepares health care workers for the provision of quality care based on evolving best practices;
  • Create opportunities for evidence-based research to be conducted and validated within operating long-term care homes and enable providers to influence the research agenda. This includes finding new ways to deliver care and services, and the development of new products;
  • Create opportunities to design, test and disseminate innovative approaches to providing high quality care within long-term care settings;
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer from applied and clinical research to practice and promote healthcare integration and innovation across the continuum;
  • Enhance the profile of the long-term care sector within the broader healthcare system; and
  • Foster collaboration and partnerships within the long-term care community and between the long-term care sector, colleges and universities, research institutions, government, the broader healthcare sector and subject matter expert organizations.


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