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Click on the audio icons below to download the MP3 files.  Slides and posters are available (in PDF format) upon request.  Please contact us at if you wish to receive a copy of the conference presentation slides/posters listed below.

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Title: Health human resources forecasting: Understanding the current and future requirements of PSW’s and nurses in Ontario’s LTC sector
Speakers: Audrey Laporte, Adrian Rohit Dass
Title: A Data-drive Exploration of Ontario LTC Admissions & Outcomes
Speaker: Peter Tanuseputro
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Title: Objective decision making – Access, flow and capacity allocation decisions
Speaker: Jonathan Patrick
Title: What is impact? Understanding the contributions of LTC health system research
Speaker: Anita Kothari
Title: Meeting future need through specialization in LTC homes
Speakers: Amy Porteous, Zsofia Orosz
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Title: Dementia — Impacts and solutions for LTC planning
Speakers: Annie Robitaille, Doug Manuel, Karin Adlhoch, Ron Riesenbach
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Title: Culture change in LTC: Moving from an institutional to social collaborative model of care
Speakers: Susan Brown, Hilary Dunn, Josie D’Avernas, Jessica Luh Kim
Title: Engaging staff in conversations about palliative and end-of-life care: Using the square of care game
Speakers:Ruth Richardson, Valerie Fiset, Tracy Luciani
Title: Gamification to engage LTC staff and students in learning
Speaker: Jennifer Reguindin
Title: Leadership program for LTC: Making better leaders
Speakers: Mary-Lou Van der Horst, Josie D’Avernas

Streams evidence-informed care and QI - Sessions title

Sessions Slides Audio
Title: Oral care matters — Improving care through applied research, assessment tools and best practice guidelines
Speakers: Helen Niezgoda, Max Parent, Teresa Lee
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Title: Neighbourhood teams: Driving meaningful change in LTC
Speakers: Susan Brown, Jessica Luh Kim, Veronique Boscart
Title: Optimizing the role of the family council — A powerful driver for quality care
Speakers: Denis Lajoie, Laura Tamblyn-Watt, Samantha Peck, Doreen Rocque
Title: The power of rapid reviews to improve care
Speakers: Vivian Welch
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Title: Measuring quality of life in LTC: Tools, tips and experiences
Speakers: Dr. John Hirdes
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Title: Potentially inappropriate prescribing in LTC residents: Validation of tools for their future use across Ontario
Speaker: Lise Bjerre
Title: Using deprescribing guidelines in LTC: The Ottawa experience
Speakers: Barb Farrell, James Conklin
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Title: Enhancing care through non-pharmacological behaviour management
Speaker: Andrew Wiens
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Title: Improving access to specialists for residents in LTC through the Champlain BASE eConsult Service
Speaker: Clare Liddy
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Title: Would you be surprised? Supporting a palliative care approach in LTC
Speakers: Linda Hunter, Jill Rice


Sessions Slides Audio
Title: Personal support worker education in Ontario — Exploring experiences
Speaker: Christine Kelly
Title: Living classroom in LTC: State of the art learning in Ontario
Speakers: Susan Brown, Veronique Boscart, Amy Stiles
Title: Building momentum for careers in LTC: A senior nursing student gerontology-intensive clinical experience
Speakers: Valerie Fiset, Susan Ogilvie, Tracy Luciani
Title: Interprofessional internships in LTC for undergraduate students in the health professions
Speakers: Raquel Meyer, Jennifer Reguindin, Shoshana Helfenbaum, Shannon Coffey
Title: Team essentials for LTC: A blended education and implementation model to integrate leading practices into care
Speakers: Raquel Meyer, Jennifer Reguindin, Shoshana Helfenbaum


Sessions Slides Audio
Title: International promising practices — Learning from others to enhance LTC in Ontario
Speakers: Dr. Pat Armstrong
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Title: Quality improvement for pain management and measurement in LTC – An international expert panel
Speakers: Dr. John P. Hirdes with panelists from the Seniors Quality Leap Initiative (Tammy Retalic, Francine Drisner, Simon Akinsulie, Jennifer Donovan)
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Posters Posters
Title: Workforce development for better care and better outcomes
Lead author: Mary-Lou Van der Horst
Title: Excellence in resident-centred care: A college certificate for LTC
Lead author: Carly Szabo
Title: Mutual appreciation between medical directors and directors of care: Interprofessional competencies identified from an evaluation of the Ontario LTC physicians’ new medical director curriculum
Lead author: Raquel Meyer
Title: Yes we can! PSWs leading interprofessional rounds in a LTC behaviour support unit
Lead author: Jennifer Reguindin
Title: Transforming teamwork in LTC through applied theatre – Preliminary results of a pilot study
Lead author: Raquel Meyer
Title: Evaluation of clinical nursing leadership education interventions in LTC in the Champlain Local Health
Integration Network
Lead author: Valerie Fiset
Title: Evaluation of online modules and the online learning experience in LTC – The strengths, the shortcomings, the realities
Lead author: Tracy Luciani
Title: Case costing in LTC – Exploring the use of sensors for workload measurement
Lead author: Simon Akinsulie
Title: A musical affair: Songs, memories, and social connections in complex care patients at Bruyère’s Saint-Vincent Hospital
Lead author: Angela Paric (student)
Title: Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative and End-of-Life Care (LEAP) in LTC settings
Lead author: Kathryn Downer
Title: REVIVRE! Recherche sur le vieillissement et l’intégration des expériences de vie en résidence: la mise en place d’un programme formel de bénévolat
Lead author: Linda Garcia
Title: Designing a community approach to masking main exit/entry doors in two locked dementia units
Lead author: Tracy Luciani

Title: Knowledge Café: Come together to discuss opportunities from co-creation and dissemination of knowledge in LTC
Hosts: Seniors Health Knowledge Network, Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in LTC,
Ontario Long-Term Care Association, Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors