Baycrest Behavioural Support Rounds

Event Date: 10/23/2014 14:00
Location: Webcast (; TSM #38376993), Telehealth (TSM #38376993), Jacob Family Theatre: 2nd Floor, Baycrest Hospital


Please note that these rounds are restricted to healthcare professionals and students only.


Please join us on Thursday, October 23rd from 14:00-15:00 for “Non Pharmacological Management of Responsive Behaviours: The Necessity of Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Coaching”, presented by Jacqueline Lyn, MSW RSW Clinician Leader, Community Behavioural Support Outreach Team.


This event will be held at Jacob Family Theatre, Second Floor, Baycrest Hospital. Attendees can participate remotely via Telehealth (TSM #38376993). We are also pleased to announce that this session will also be webcast (live and archived)!


Baycrest’s Behaviour Support Rounds provide a learning forum to review leading practices in the assessment and supportive management of challenging, responsive behaviours in individuals living with dementia. The purpose of these rounds is to offer practical approaches to support the work of front-line healthcare providers in caring for persons with responsive behaviours.


The next session will take place on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 from 14:00-15:00. You can expect to receive information about the subsequent speaker and the topic of the presentation approximately two weeks in advance of each round.


Schedule for the remainder of the series:

• November 20th

• December 18th

• January 15th

• February 19th

• March 19th

• April 16th

• May 21st

• June 18th

July/August hiatus


If you have questions regarding these rounds, or if you wish for your group to be included on the Baycrest Behavioural Support Rounds Distribution List, please contact Raquel Meyer at (416) 785-2500 x 3044 or