Games, Gamification & Simulation for Healthcare Network Pre-Launch

Event Date: 05/31/2016 00:00
Location: Sheraton Gateway Hotel (Toronto Airport, Terminal 3)

Games, Gamification and Simulation for Healthcare Network Pre-Launch


SIM-one – Healthcare Simulation Network – is a strong supporter of creating networks within networks. When it is clear an area can benefit from a focused community, a network will help to catalyze the process. Games, Gamification and Simulation for Healthcare is one of these areas.

The pre-launch meeting will be held on May 31, 2016 during SIM in Motion: A Day of Interactive Workshops, at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel (Toronto International Airport, Terminal 3). Members can join online and in-person.



To begin a discussion around the creation of a network focused on games and gamification for healthcare. We invite you to join a core group that will help facilitate a pre-launch meeting.



•    Build initial connections to network and collaborate.
•    Brainstorm preliminary missions and activities of this community.
•    Discuss how to best engage stakeholders to join the network.
•    Create an invite list of key individuals, organizations, and thought leaders to 2016 SIM Expo.
•    Prepare a short survey/needs assessment to determine interests, skills and priorities of network participants that will be sent in an e-format.
•    Solidify the direction of the network.



There is a growing need for easier access to experiential education and training in various settings, including remote. This has impacted the growth of using serious games for healthcare and gamification in education. As many games involve simulation, the value of experiential learning – including learning and engagement – cannot be underestimated. However, working in silos prevents synergies, resulting in duplication, wasted resources, and missed opportunities. Now is a prime time for all interested parties to benefit from networking and collaborating on integrating simulation into games and gamification (including digital, mobile, board, and card games) for education and training.



Action items from the pre-launch meeting will lead to the full launch of the Games, Gamification and Simulation for Healthcare Network on October 5 at the 2016 SIM Expo.
Please also visit National Forum on Simulation for Quality & Safety, held on May 30, 2016.



If interested, please contact Nicole fung  at  for details and registration.