Leadership Program for Long-Term Care and Retirement Living

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Location: Organization-based

Do you need a high performance leader that brings value to your workplace?

The Leadership Program for Long-Term Care and Retirement Living is the continuing education program designed for organizations that focuses on essential leadership capabilities that are in demand for today’s leaders. Better leadership, better performance.


Impactful, Synergistic, Applied Learning

• Designed for maximum impact
• Focused on your organization, classes of 25 students
• For everyone – managers, leaders, and aspiring leaders including senior managers to frontline leaders, and it’s interprofessional
• Multiple sites with groups of learners
• Paced for adult learners working full-time in LTC and RL with busy home lives wanting to achieve success
• Hybrid learning with a stepped learning approach and lots of applied learning


Special Features

• 184 hours > 6 courses across 28-32 weeks (6-7 months)
• Regular breaks throughout the program
• Hybrid learning
• 18 interactive webinars, each 2 hours
• 5 In-Class Days – expert speakers, group exercises
• Online Resources: readings, video, reports, tools, etc.
• Weekly assignments – individual and group assignments including reflection, assessment, interaction, discovery formats; no exams
• Build a Personal Leadership Portfolio


Consider the Learning Benefits

• Modelling the vision and mission
• Seizing opportunities to improve
• Thinking creatively
• Mobilizing and sustaining change
• Solving complex and ever-changing problems
• Making wise choices
• Prioritizing and balancing many demands
• Communicating, collaborating and connecting
• Mentoring self-directed work teams
• Inspiring and empowering for performance
• Fostering authentic relationships
• Focusing on the customer



• Regular fee: $1,820 per person.
• With CLRI Bursary: $1,250 per person (limited availability in Ontario only.)

This leadership program meets the requirements for a program of instruction for Administrators in the Regulations under the Long-Term Care Homes Act. It can be adapted for aspiring leaders in home care, continuing care, specialized geriatric services, and acute care.


Program Registration
Regina Dryngiewicz  |  Phone: (519) 748-5220 ext. 3635


General Program Information for Organizations
Mary-Lou van der Horst  |  Phone: (519) 571-1873 ext. 195


Additional Information

For more information about the Leadership Program and updated information, please visit the Schlegel RIA-CLRI website.


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