Optimizing Tele-education in Geriatric Mental Health: A Live Needs Assessment

Event Date: 06/13/2014 12:00
Location: Classrooms ABC, 2nd Floor, Baycrest Hospital (Toronto, ON)


On behalf of the Geriatric Mental Health (GEMH) Videoconference Education Series from Baycrest Hospital, all are invited to attend “Optimizing Tele-education in Geriatric Mental Health: A Live Needs Assessment“, presented by Dr. David Conn, Dr. Cindy Grief, and Ms. Lisa Sokoloff.


This discussion will be held on Friday, June 13th, 2014 from 12:00-13:00 at Classrooms ABC, 2nd Floor of Baycrest Hospital. This event will also be videoconferenced from Baycrest to various participating sites (TSM # 31135909). This event will be available by LIVE and ARCHIVED PUBLIC WEBCAST at: http://webcast.otn.ca


By the end of this talk, participants will be able to identify their preferred topics for the upcoming 2014/15 videoconference series, discuss the barriers to engagement and interactivity, and list the benefits of tele-education for clinical practice.


Please contact Lisa Sokoloff at lsokoloff@baycrest.org if you have any inquiries.