Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care: Stakeholder Engagement Meeting

Posted On: July 21, 2016


20160121_CLRI News Post - Stakeholder Engagement 11JUL16 - PhotoThe Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation (CLRIs) in Long-Term Care (LTC) brought together 30 people on July 11, 2016 for a Stakeholder Engagement event in Toronto. The purpose was to gather information and insights to envision the future of the Ontario CLRI Program and optimize its continued value to the long-term care sector, as the program is currently funded by the Government of Ontario until March 31, 2017. Broader consultation with the sector will also continue through key informant interviews and a sector-wide online survey.


Attendees at the event included representatives from Ontario’s long-term care homes (LTCHs), universities, colleges, and researchers, along with associations and networks within the province’s long-term care sector. Participants provided input on the future of the Ontario CLRI Program and explored opportunities for the program to facilitate the adoption and spread of innovative ideas and practices.  These key informants also provided valuable insights on emerging learning, care delivery, and research priorities for Ontario’s long-term care homes.


Throughout the day, themes relevant to long-term care were discussed, including: the optimal balance between the development of new products/research and the dissemination of existing products and best practices; ways to identify and promote innovations from Ontario LTCHs; the CLRI Program’s role in brokering relationships between researchers, academia, policy makers, and homes; the contribution of the CLRI Program to undergraduate education; mechanisms for the CLRI Program to best reach homes; and the importance of supporting the development of leadership and culture change. The group also discussed the benefits, barriers, resources required, and characteristics of homes and other partners working with the CLRI Program, as well as priority topics for research and education.


Insights gained from this engagement event will inform a short survey to be launched by August 2016. The survey is intended for Administrators, Directors of Care, and Education Leads in long-term care homes, as well as other stakeholders and organizations working within the sector.  The Ontario CLRI Program is eager to receive feedback that will help to optimize the value of the program to the LTC sector.  Survey topics will include: dissemination and engagement vehicles for CLRIs to best reach LTCHs and other partners; gaps that can be filled by the Ontario CLRI program; priorities for LTC research and education; innovation examples and ideas; and, the sector’s readiness and interest to engage with the CLRI Program.


We know several long-term care homes have been participating in CLRI initiatives and we would like to expand the reach of our program across many more homes. We invite you to take part and share your thoughts in the upcoming online survey to help us serve you better! The survey link will be distributed through the LTC Associations and other partners.

About the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care

The Ontario CLRI is funded by the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Long-Term Care, and hosted at Baycrest Health Sciences, Bruyère, and the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging.

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