CLRI in the News! Bruyère’s Life Changing Day

On May 24, 2018, Bruyère Continuing Care held their annual Life Changing Day fundraiser at Saint-Vincent Hospital. The day was incredibly inspiring, filled with touching stories, innovative showcases, and generous community support. With a final fundraising tally of $494,239, the room was positively buzzing.

The Bruyère Research Institute showcased many of its research projects at the event, including the Bruyère CLRI’s project “The Power of Peer Support: Reducing Social Isolation in Residential Care.”

This telethon-style event was being featured on various Bell Media channels throughout the entire day. In turn, Michelle Fleming (Knowledge Broker, Bruyère CLRI) was approached by CTV Ottawa to discuss the Peer Support Project in an interview on Facebook Live. Interviewed by CTV Ottawa anchor Stefan Keyes, Michelle discussed the powerful ways that these programs are reducing loneliness and social isolation in residential care. Grateful to be a part of such an uplifting day, Michelle was eager to thank the project partners (Java Group Programs and Carleton University Department of Health Sciences) and funders (CABHI, Carleton University Department of Health Sciences, and Bruyère CLRI).

To watch this interview, please visit CTV Ottawa’s Facebook page.

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