Ontario CLRI at Bruyère Welcomes Nursing Students

Posted On: September 29, 2020

The Ontario CLRI at Bruyère is hosting a group of six nursing students for a virtual 10-week placement to allow them to gain additional knowledge, skills and values in community nursing related to long-term care (LTC). The Ontario CLRI is hosting these students as a way to encourage nursing students to become Ontario’s future leaders in seniors’ care.

The fourth-year students are from the University of Ottawa – Algonquin College Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN ) Collaborative Program and are completing their community health placement requirements as part of their community health nursing theory course. This course introduces senior nursing students to working in different settings with inter-professional partners to address community health issues from a community, system or societal level. Completing their placement at the Ontario CLRI at Bruyère will increase this group of students’ experiences in geriatrics and will expose them to health professionals in senior’s care.

The Ontario CLRI team is thrilled to give these BScN nursing students and future registered nurses (RNs) an opportunity to get to know better a key element of nursing in LTC – the depth and importance of palliative and end-of-life (EoL) care, and contribute to the ongoing evaluation of the new LTC-specific Communication at the End of Life eLearning tools. The students will have the chance to explore how eLearning can be integrated into continuing professional development in LTC and engage with many professionals who are passionate about providing high-quality palliative and EOL care.

“I’m looking forward to doing this project, it’s especially important because the topic of End of Life care in Long Term Care is broad and reaches across many different healthcare professionals. .. [Looking at eLearning] is very important especially in the direction that we are moving with technology and teaching. I think this project will allow us to understand where needs are in advancing online education.” – BScN student participating in a Community-Focused Virtual Placement with the Ontario CLRI at Bruyère.

The students are up to these challenges and eager to engage with their project which is great as the Ontario CLRI at Bruyère team has prepared a packed 10 weeks for them:

  • Students will actively participate in independent and small group learning focused on communication and psycho-social needs at end-of-life, clinical issues in geriatrics, evaluation techniques, and a number of other valuable career competencies.
  • They will work in teams to complete a ‘Community Health Project’ that is part of the ongoing evaluation of the new Communication at the End of Life eLearning modules, a key priority for this year.

“Community health nursing enables people by offering resources/education to strive for optimal health and wellness.” – BScN student participating in a Community-Focused Virtual Placement with the Ontario CLRI at Bruyère

Our team’s engagement with this group of students is an example of how we are exploring ways to increase recruitment into the future LTC workforce by generating interest for potential careers in LTC and senior care. Contributing to having a future workforce that is passionate, prepared, and engaged, the Ontario CLRI is always interested in working with colleges and universities as they tailor their courses by including more seniors-care related content and practice.

For more information on our resources on supporting nurses’ clinical leadership and on the CEoL, program, please visit our website at

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