New eLearning course on mandatory reporting and whistle-blowing!

Posted On: November 27, 2023

New eLearning course on mandatory reporting and whistle-blowing!

Enhance your team’s knowledge of mandatory reporting and whistle-blowing with our new Orientation eLearning course!

The Ontario CLRI at the RIA has launched an engaging new eLearning Course, Mandatory Reporting and Whistle-blowing. Aligned with the Fixing Long-Term Care Act, this course equips team members, volunteers, and essential caregivers with knowledge and skills relating to raising concerns in situations of resident abuse.

Throughout this course, learners will explore their obligation to report certain specific matters immediately as they care for residents from a position of power and trust. By taking this course, team members will learn the importance of reporting and raising concerns in situations of abuse, neglect, or wrong doing to ensure the safety of residents. Team members will also learn what whistle-blowing is, when whistle-blowing is required, and what protection the Fixing Long-Term Care Act provides for whistle-blowers. This course is available at no cost!

With this course, learners will explore and respond to real-life situations shared by residents living in long-term care across Ontario.

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This eLearning course, part of the Orientation course series, was developed by the Ontario CLRI at RIA in 2023 with the generous support of Schlegel Villages. We would like to thank the people who contributed to the development and review of content for this course including:

  • Sherri Toleff, Director of Care, Fairview Seniors Community
  • Jaimie Killingbeck, Associate Vice President, Quality & Innovation, Schlegel Villages
  • Pam Wiebe, Quality Specialist, Schlegel Villages


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