Resource Audience Type: Nurses

For nurses working in LTC

Clinical Nursing Leadership eLearning

Nurses are often required to manage conflict and communicate in a variety of contexts with coworkers, residents and their friends and families. This course will enhance the clinical leadership skills of nurses working in long-term care. The modules include realistic scenarios and scenario-based practice to help nurses navigate conflict, communicate with confidence, and learn how to thrive as clinical leaders.


Three self-paced, online modules around 20 minutes in length each.

  1. Communicating Effectively
  2. Handling Conflict with Care
  3. Being a Leader

An Ontario CLRI certificate will be provided for each module that can be put towards continuing education/professional development requirements.

Communication at End-of-Life eLearning Series

This eLearning series is designed to refresh or develop team members’ communication skills to provide quality palliative care and end-of-life care in long-term care (LTC) homes. The three courses in the series include interactive case scenarios that reflect the unique setting and context of care delivery in LTC homes.


Three self-paced courses around 20 minutes in length each.

  1. Communicating about Hospice Palliative Care
  2. Coping with Grief
  3. Building Relationships

This series serves as an introduction to the more comprehensive All-In Palliative Care: The Team Approach to LTC training program. It teaches all interprofessional team members how to recognize palliative care myths, recognize and accommodate the needs of those in mourning, and practice their end-of-life communication skills.

About the Courses

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Leadership Coaching for Team Essentials

Simplify QIPs •  Enhance Team Performance  •  Sustain Practice Change

Quality care and safety in LTC depend on teams that are proactive, reflective, and collaborative.

Team Essentials Leadership Coaching is part of the Team Essentials program that provides innovative educational solutions for LTC team members around priority issues in LTC through workshops, eLearning and follow-up visits.

Team Essentials Leadership Coaching provides leadership in LTC homes support to implement the skills learned in Team Essentials among team members. Experiential, team-based learning and interprofessional competencies are integrated into the Team Essentials program in order to encourage discovery, critical thinking, communication, and solution-focused team responses.

Simplify QIPs

Use Team Essentials training to streamline your QIPs and set meaningful targets you can meet.  Contact us for more info!

Enhance Team Performance

Enhance your team’s performance and well-being by using Team Essentials to create a shared vision of success. Contact us for more info!

Sustain Practice Change

Reinforce Team Essentials learning and boost performance change from 15% (training alone) to 85% (training with leadership engagement). Contact us for more info!