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Comfort Care for Eating and Drinking: Resources for Long-Term Care

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As residents in long-term care (LTC) approach the end of life, their experiences with food and fluid intake often change. This change can be part of the natural end-of-life journey or a result of underlying health conditions that make eating difficult or undesirable. Decreased appetite, challenges with swallowing, and reduced interest in food are common. Comfort care for eating and drinking focuses on enhancing the resident’s quality of life and comfort, rather than attempting to meet diet and nutrition-focused goals, such as maintaining body weight or eating sufficient protein or vitamins and minerals. This approach prioritizes the resident’s needs and preferences, ensuring they feel respected and cared for during this time.

How to Plan a Taste Test Event in Your LTC Home

Planning a taste testing event in your long-term care home is a great way to engage your LTC community in the Nutrition in Disguise recipes. This guide explains how to run a taste test event in your home.

CHOICE+ Program: Enhancing the Mealtime Experience in Long-Term Care

CHOICE+ is an innovative program that enhances the mealtime experience for residents in long-term care. It focuses on nurturing relationships and creating comfortable dining environments.

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The CHOICE+ program is made up of six principles:

  1. Connecting: having meaningful conversations and socializing
  2. Honouring Dignity: respecting decisions, choices and preferences
  3. Offering Support: supporting residents based on individual needs
  4. Identity: knowing and accepting residents as unique individuals
  5. Creating Opportunities: supporting active mealtime participation
  6. Enjoyment: creating a warm and welcoming dining environment

CHOICE+ Resources

CHOICE+ tools are available online, including two self-assessment checklists and six new online learning modules. Teams can use the CHOICE+ tools to:

  • Learn about the CHOICE+ principles and the importance of creating an enjoyable mealtime experience
  • Understand their current strengths in supporting residents at mealtimes
  • Get ideas of simple strategies to try in their day-to-day practice
  • Spark discussion at team meetings and help develop plans for practice change


CHOICE+ Webinar: New Tools and Online Education to Enhance the Mealtime Experience in LTC

Webinar Description

This webinar describes the six principles of the CHOICE+ program and introduces tools and resources that teams in long-term care can start using to make change. Two user-friendly tools are shared along with the recently launched CHOICE+ online education modules. The webinar highlights how these tools can be used to improve mealtimes in your home.

This webinar was offered by the Ontario CLRI hosted at the Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging and was originally delivered on May 29, 2018.

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