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Team Essentials: Leading Practices for Long-Term Care

Quality care and safety in LTC depend on teams that are proactive, reflective, and collaborative. Team Essentials program is based on leading practices; experiential, team-based learning and interprofessional competencies are integrated into the program in order to encourage discovery, critical thinking, communication, and solution-focused team responses.

Student Orientation Package

A student placement in long-term care (LTC) is a great opportunity to learn and practice new skills, explore career opportunities, and build meaningful relationships.

While completing a placement at an LTC home, students contribute to the quality of life and well-being of residents. They are a valuable member of the team. This Student Orientation Package can be used by LTC homes to introduce students to information and resources to help prepare them for the experience.

Training for Students In or Preparing for LTC Placements

It is important for students to be prepared before beginning their placement in a long-term care (LTC) home. In addition to training provided by the school, the placement supervisor at the LTC home will also identify necessary training and resources for the student.

We recommend that students review the following resources and all of the recommended training material provided by the Ontario CLRI and the long-term care or retirement home they are involved with.

The information in the below resources are meant to be a general overview. Students must follow the long-term care or retirement home’s policies and check with their main contact at the home whenever they have questions.


Supporting the Mobility of Residents Living in Long-Term Care

senior woman with walker and female student assisting mobility

This training video will show to new team members, students or volunteers new to long-term care or retirement homes how to support a resident to stand from a chair and walk (with and without a walker), assist a resident to sit down from a standing position, and assist a resident using a wheelchair.

The information in this video is meant to be a general overview. Team members must follow the long-term care or retirement home’s policy about if or how they can support residents living with mobility issues. Check with your main contact at your LTC home if you have any questions.