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CHOICE+ Education Modules

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  • Posted On: October 22, 2018
  • Author/Source: Dr. Heather Keller and Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging
  • Audience(s): Staff / team members

CHOICE+ is an innovative program that aims to improve the mealtime experience for residents in long-term care. Online education modules were created as part of the program to help teams understand the CHOICE+ principles and improve their mealtime practices.


CHOICE+ is an innovative program that aims to improve the mealtime experience for residents in long-term care. It focuses on developing relationship-centred practices and enhancing the dining environment.

The CHOICE+ program is made up of six principles:

  • Connecting: having meaningful conversations and socializing
  • Honouring Dignity: respecting decisions, choices and preferences
  • Offering Support: supporting residents based on individual needs
  • Identity: knowing and accepting residents as unique individuals
  • Creating Opportunities: supporting active mealtime participation
  • Enjoyment: creating a warm and welcoming dining environment

To learn more about the program and additional resources, view the CHOICE+ program page.

CHOICE+ Education Modules

As part of the CHOICE+ program, online education modules were created to help teams in long-term care understand and work towards achieving the CHOICE+ principles.

There are six online modules, one for each principle. The modules can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or smart phone, and include short videos, interactive checklists, and self-reflection questions. Each module takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

Long-term care teams can use the CHOICE+ education modules to:

  • Learn about the CHOICE+ principles and the importance of creating an enjoyable mealtime experience
  • Get ideas of simple strategies to try in their day-to-day practice
  • Spark discussion at team meetings and help develop plans for practice change

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