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New eLearning course on supporting residents’ mental health and wellness!

Enhance your team’s knowledge about residents’ mental health and wellness with our new Orientation eLearning course!

The Ontario CLRI at the RIA has launched an engaging new eLearning course, Supporting Residents’ Mental Health and Wellness in Long-Term Care. This course equips team members with knowledge and skills relating to supporting the mental health of all residents and residents living with mental illnesses.

Throughout this course, learners will be equipped to recognize indicators of mental illnesses or conditions that are common among older adults, and will understand how to use person-centred language when talking about mental health and mental illnesses. Team members will also learn how to respond empathetically and appropriately to residents who are in distress, and explain which observations about a resident’s mental health and wellness should be reported to a clinical team member. This course is available at no cost!

Take the course today!

Show Some TLC for LTC

Show some TLC for LTC by watching and sharing these videos for LTC team members!

The Ontario CLRI at the RIA, Ontario Health (Central), OLTCA, AdvantAge Ontario, OARC and FCO have come together to spread awareness of LTC team members’ mental health in a series of videos from residents and families in LTC. The videos will be shared starting on  Bell Let’s Talk Day to leverage the focus on mental health and direct attention to the dedication and hard work of frontline team members in LTC, using the hashtag #TLCforLTC

LTC frontline team members are essential in effectively responding to the pandemic despite their personal and professional challenges related to stress, trauma, and health and wellness. “The mental and emotional stress they endure daily is indescribable,” says Julian Morelli, LTC resident family member featured in one of the videos created for the campaign.

Sharron Cooke, an LTC home resident describes team members as “…the heart and soul of my home.” LTC teams need mental health supports that help them cope during these difficult times and ensures they can be there for their residents.

Visit clri-ltc.ca/mentalhealth for mental health resources for LTC team members. You can find all the TLCforLTC videos on YouTube.