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On-Demand Baycrest Behavioural Support Rounds

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  • Posted On: January 14, 2019
  • Audience(s): Academics, Clinicians, Educators, Leaders & Managers, Researchers, Staff / Team Members, Students

Baycrest Behavioural Support Rounds are open to all health professionals and students and provide a learning forum to review leading practices in assessing and managing challenging responsive behaviours, as demonstrated by individuals who live with dementia.

Accessible through Telehealth or onsite at Baycrest, these rounds are co-sponsored by the Baycrest Toronto Central – LHIN Behaviour Support for Seniors Program and the Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long-Term Care at Baycrest.


How to access OTN hosted webcasts on-demand: 

  1. Go to (or simply click “watch” in the  below list to be taken directly to the webcast session)
  2. Under “Archived Events”, select “Public”
  3. In the search field, input the TSM # that corresponds to the particular session or input “Baycrest”
  4. Once you have found the session you would like to view, click on the title and a new window will
    open and start playing the video

Note: Webcasts can be viewed using Internet Explorer or Safari


Baycrest Behavioural Support Rounds archived webcasts:

April 20, 2017
“Transitions to LTCH for Older Adults with Nicotine Dependence”
Marilyn White-Campbell, Geriatric Addiction Specialist, CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin
TSM # 68142067
Watch | 54 Minutes

May 18, 2017
“Facilitating Transitions: A Collaborative Approach”
UHN Behaviour Support Specialists: Sara Gies BSW, MSW, RSW and; Simonne Cumberbatch Bsc. Bio & Psych., Msc. (OT), OT Reg. (Ont.)
TSM # 68143833
Watch | 1 Hour 20 Minutes

June 15, 2017
“Cognitive Work with a Marginalized Population”
Inner City Family Health Team: Radek Budin, PhD, Psychologist;
Roxanne Danielson, RN, BScN, Registered Nurse; Jo Connelly, MSW, RSW, Acting Executive Director
TSM # 70636033
Watch | 1 Hour

 October 19, 2017
“Planning for Community Dwelling Older Adults with Dementia in Ontario: The Ontario Dementia Strategy & Dementia Capacity Planning Project”
Dallas Seitz, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Division Head, Geriatric Psychiatry, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry Queen’s University Providence Care – Mental Health Services and, Michael Robertson, Director, Capacity Planning and Priorities Branch, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
*Adam Morrison, Manager, Capacity Planning and Priorities Branch, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care presented instead of Michael Robertson
TSM # 73617892
Watch | 1 Hour

December 21, 2017
“Good Dementia Care – Is There Room for Intimacy?”
Sylvia Davidson, Manager, Occupational Therapy & Therapeutic Recreation, Interprofessional Practice, Baycrest
TSM # 73619894
Watch | 1 Hour 45 Minutes

January 18, 2018
“Impacting Dementia Care Through Environmental Design”
Yael Goldberg, Ph.D., C.Psych., Baycrest
TSM # 73620222
Watch | 57 Minutes

February 15, 2018
“Developmental Disability and Behaviours that Challenge”
Andrea Perry, OT Reg(Ont.); MHSc; MSc(OT)
Clinician Leader, Community Behaviour Support Outreach Team (CBSOT), Baycrest
Dr. Yona Lunsky, Clinician-Scientist in Adult Neurodevelopmental Services and Director of the Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities (H-CARDD) Program, CAMH; Professor and Developmental Disabilities Lead in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto; Adjunct Scientist, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES)
TSM # 73620595
Watch | 52 Minutes

March 15, 2018
“This isn’t Working!” Using Situational Awareness and Change Management to bring Behavioural Support Plans to Life in Healthcare Facilities”
Jennifer Reguindin MScN RN GNC(C), Interprofessional Educator, Ontario Centres for Learning, Research & Innovation in Long-Term Care at Baycrest
Maria Nelson RN, MN, GNC (C), CPMHN (C) ABA, Advanced Practice Nurse, Baycrest Inpatient Psychiatry, Behaviour Neurology and Palliative Care
TSM # 73621504
Watch | 57 Minutes

April 19, 2018
“Opiate use Disorder and Transitions to Long-Term Care”
Marilyn White-Campbell
Geriatric Addiction Specialist
CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin
TSM # 73622088
Watch | 58 Minutes

May 17, 2018
“Dementia, The Times are Changing”
Carmela Tartaglia, M.D., FRCPC
Marion and Gerald Soloway Chair in Brain Injury & Concussion Research
Associate Professor, Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases, University of Toronto
Memory Clinic – Toronto Western Hospital
TSM # 73622615
Watch | 56 Minutes

October 18, 2018
“Blending the Lenses: A Dual Approach to Behaviour Management”
Sasha Johnston, RPN, Kensington Health, and Olivia Boukydis, MSW, Kensington Health
TSM # 94538495
Watch | 1 hour 45 Minutes

December 20, 2018
“Coming Soon: The New Standardized Dementia Observation System (DOS)”
Lori Schindel Martin, RN, PhD, Associate Professor, Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, Ryerson University, and Debbie Hewitt Colborne, RN, MScN, GNC(C), Project Coordinator Advisor, Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) Provincial Coordinating Office, North Bay Regional Health Centre
TSM # 94539103
Watch | 56 Minutes

January 17, 2019
“Beyond Dementia: Mental Illness in Long-Term Care Homes”
Dr. Aviva Rostas?, MD, FRCPC, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and works in the geriatric psychiatry inpatient unit, in transitional housing for seniors, and consulting to long-term care homes. She is a Lecturer in the University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry.
TSM # 94539111
Watch | 56 Minutes

March 21, 2019
“Person-Centred Language Matters”
Kate Ducak, Project Officer, Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging, and Tina Kalviainen, Strategic Communications Specialist, Provincial Coordinating Office, Behavioural Supports Ontario
TSM # 94539127
Watch | 42 Minutes

April 18, 2019
“Accessible online arts recreation and wellness promotion in older adults”
Dr. Kelly Murphy is a clinical psychologist specializing in neuropsychology at Baycrest where she is the clinical lead for a psychology service focused on early identification and memory intervention for older adults at risk of dementia.
TSM # 94539135
Watch  | 39 Minutes

May 17, 2019
“Demetia, The Times are Changing”
Carmela Tartaglia, M.D., FRCPC
Marion and Gerald Soloway Chair in Brain Injury & Concussion Research
Associate Professor, Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases, University of Toronto
TSM # 73622615
Watch | 56 Minutes

June 20, 2019
“Everything you Need to Know About the Relationship Between Falls and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Dementia”
Andrea Iaboni, MD DPhil FRCPC, Geriatric Psychiatrist, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network
TSM # 94539151
Watch | 56 Minutes

May 12, 2020
“Early Onset Dementia”
Morris Freedman, MD, FRCPC, FAAN; Head of Neurology and Medical Director of Cognition and Behaviour at Baycrest Health Sciences; Professor, Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, and a scientist at the Rotman Research Institute of Baycrest Centre.
Watch | 56 Minutes

June 9, 2020
“Tools You Need to Provide Care to Older Adults During COVID-19”

Raquel Meyer: Manager, Ontario Centres for Learning, Research & Innovation in Long-Term Care, Baycrest 

Lisa Sokoloff: Manager, Training & Simulation, Centre for Education Program Director, Project ECHO Care of the Elderly Interim Manager, eLearning & Educational Technology, Baycrest 

Katelynn Viau Aelick: Project Coordinator, Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) Provincial Coordinating Office (PCO), North Bay Regional Health Centre
Watch | 63 Minutes

July 16, 2020
“Navigating Complex Transitions: Intersystem Collaboration in Practice”
Sara Gies BSW, MSW, RSW, Behaviour Support Specialist, University Health
Alisa Senka, RPN, BSc., Behaviour Support Specialist, University Health Network
Watch | 58 Minutes

July 20, 2020
“In This Together: Working with Families to Support Resident Well-Being”
Carolyn Clubine, Healthcare and Non-Profit Management Consultant, Clubine Consulting
Amy Coupal, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Caregiver Coalition
Samantha Peck, Executive Director, Family Councils Ontario
Raquel Meyer, Manager, Ontario CLRI At Baycrest
Shoshana Helfenbaum, Interprofessional Educator, Ontario CLRI At Baycrest
Hannah Oksenberg, Administrator, Extendicare Brampton
Rosemary Crisp, Director of Care, Extendicare Brampton
Watch | 112 Minutes

August 20, 2020

“Sleep Disturbance in People with Dementia: What works?”

Dr. Christopher Kitamura MD, FRCPC Geriatric Psychiatrist, Baycrest Health Sciences

Cara Macanuel, MSc OT Reg. (Ont.) Clinician Leader, Baycrest Health Sciences

Watch |

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