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Dementia Resources from Around the World

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  • Posted On: September 26, 2016
  • Audience(s): Families and care partners, Residents


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Dementia Resources from Around the World: For Clients & Caregivers

The Centre for Education at Baycrest has created an online resource to lessen the complexity, confusion and challenge of locating reliable information about dementia for caregivers and those with concerns about dementia and memory loss.

With these goals in mind, Dr. David Conn, Vice President of Education & Director of the Centre for Education & Knowledge Exchange in Aging at Baycrest, is proud to announce the launch of Dementia Resources from Around the World, which is now accessible online at

This webpage provides access to a selection of the best available senior-friendly web resources on Dementia. It is designed for both individuals experiencing symptoms of the disorder and their caregivers. The selected websites provide information on Dementia including risk factors, sign & symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, strategies to cope with daily life challenges and available support groups. The information is available in multiple formats (i.e. video, PDF, pamphlets, games) to make it accessible to everyone. The websites included on the site were evaluated to ensure they provide reliable and valid information on Dementia.

Please share this new resource with clients and colleagues. If you have any feedback or suggestions about additional websites that should be included on the site, please contact us.

Thank you to all of the staff members, volunteers and clients who helped to make this project possible and to the Ontario MOHLTC for providing an Alternate Funding Plan (AFP) Innovation Grant.

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