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This free certificate will help long-term care (LTC) educators upgrade their knowledge and skills, be deliberate about the skills they want to develop, and get support through experiential learning and peer support. Learn more.

Level One covers adult education best practices and innovative educational approaches specific to the LTC sector.

Why send your leaders?



Synchronous sessions are online and last 2 hours. Up to 2 hours of self-directed learning in a serious educational game every 2 weeks will be required to complete session activities. There will be pre-course materials and orientation for students.


Synchronous sessions will take place on Fridays from 9:30am to 11:30am

Mandatory Game Orientation: Friday, April 5, 2024

Session 1: Friday, April 19, 2024

Session 2: Friday, May 3, 2024

Session 3: Friday, May 17, 2024

Session 4: Friday, May 31, 2024

Session 5: Friday, June 14, 2024

Session 6: Friday, June 28, 2024

Office hours will be offered every other Friday from 10:30am to 11:30am to support your learning.

What Will You Be Learning About?

  1. Adult learning principles that advance LTC learning and practice to meet individual, team and organizational needs.
  2. The Ontario CLRI six-step educator competency framework for LTC and how to apply it in practice.
  3. Ontario CLRI educational innovations and products that can be used to meet LTC team practice improvement goals.
  4. Ways to create and deliver education that is psychologically safe, goal-directed, inclusive, experiential, and relational.
  5. Using evaluation to improve the positive influence of education in your practice setting.

How will you learn?

Synchronous sessions:
  • Mandatory game orientation session
  • Six x 2 hour virtual synchronous sessions
    • Includes facilitated discussions and a chance to connect with a community of learners
    • Introduction to Ontario CLRI tools, resources and products
  • Virtual office hours to provide additional support
Serious Educational Game:
  • Meta-game world narrative
  • Library of tools and resources
  • Case-based learning
  • Simulation-based learning

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from LTC team members who:

  • Are employed in long-term care in Ontario at the time of registration
  • Plan, coordinate, and/or deliver education for LTC team members
  • Able to attend the synchronous sessions and invest up to 2 hours every 2 weeks towards playing the serious educational game.

What are the Completion Requirements?

In order to receive the Specialized Educator Certificate of Completion you will need to:

  • Attend the mandatory game orientation
  • Attend at least 5 of the 6 synchronous sessions
  • Complete all levels in the Serious Educational Game platform

 Specialized Educator Certificate in LTC (SECL) – FAQs

Here you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the Specialized Educator Certificate in LTC (SECL) and the application process.

1. When does the SECL take place?

You can find the key dates and other SECL details here: Key Dates and SECL Details

2. What is the cost of the SECL?

The SECL is a free program which builds individual and organizational educational capacity

3. Who can apply for the SECL?

We welcome applications from LTC team members who:

  • Are employed in long-term care in Ontario at the time of registration
  • Plan, coordinate and/or deliver education for LTC team members
  • Able to commit to 2 hours of class time every 2 weeks between April 5, 2024 and June 28, 2024.
  • Are able to commit up to two hours of serious gamified learning every 2 weeks outside of class
4. Do I need to start with level one? 

Through consultation there was a collective decision for all learners to begin with level 1 no matter their prior education. As the role of ‘educator’ in long-term care is varied, there is a need to create a base level of shared knowledge amongst team members. We will be exploring how to apply long-term care educational innovations in practice; specifically Ontario CLRI products.

5. If the SECL is completely virtual, what will the learning format be? 

The learning format has two parts:

  1. Synchronous virtual group sessions with an Ontario CLRI facilitator
  2. Asynchronous simulation and case-based inquiry in LIPHA, a serious educational game
6. What is the overall time commitment for the SECL program?

The program runs for 10 weeks and is equivalent to 4 business days.

  • Synchronous sessions: 14 hours total
    • 1 x 2-hour orientation session
    • 6 x 2-hour sessions
  • Asynchronous serious educational game participation: 12 hours total
    • 2 hours of game play every 2 weeks
7. What time of day will the synchronous sessions take place?

Synchronous sessions will take place on Fridays from 9:30am to 11:30am.

8. What is a Serious Educational Game?

Serious educational games have benefits based on neuroscience, emotional design and learning science and use game structures and mechanics to achieve desired learning objectives. Through the LIPHA serious educational game, simulated cases and real scenarios are incorporated to create a cohesive and engaging learning experience.

9. What is LIPHA?

A software application that integrates simulation and case-based inquiry grounded in a serious educational game and digital open world learning. Accepted applicants will receive access to this platform, and be shown how to use it during Session 1. You will complete case scenarios in the game and will find all the resources used during Level 1 on this platform, including: session recordings, tools, readings etc. More information on the app can be found here.

10. Who are the “experts” who developed the program to meet the needs of the sector?

This program was developed by experts from the following organizations:

  • Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO)
  • Family Councils Ontario (FCO)
  • Long Term Care and Adult Day Services, Region of Peel
  • Ontario Association of Residents’ Council (OARC)
  • Ontario Centres for Learning, Research and Innovation in Long Term Care (Ontario CLRI)
  • Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO)
  • Senior’s Services and Long-Term Care, City of Toronto
  • University Health Network, Toronto Rehab
11. Who will be facilitating the program?

Interprofessional Educators from the Baycrest Ontario CLRI will be facilitating the program.

12. How will you select who will get to participate in the program?

We will ensure equitable access to team members and homes. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of Ontario CLRI team members. We encourage you to apply no matter what stage in your career you are.

13. Can I participate in the SECL if I live outside of Canada/Ontario?

The SECL is only open to employees at Ontario Long-term Care homes.

14. What technology will I be using?

a. Zoom

b. Personal Computer, laptop or tablet with internet access

15. What if I have other questions?

You can contact the Ontario CLRI at

SECL Application FAQ Sheet

1. Where can I find the application form?

The application is to be completed online at the SECL application.

2. Why do you want my supervisor’s contact information?

Having supervisor support will make this training more successful and we will notify them that you have been selected for this opportunity.

3. What is the last day to apply?

The last day to apply for the SECL is February 2nd, 2024.

4. Where do I upload reference letters?

We are not accepting any reference letters in the application process.

5. When will I be contacted if I am accepted to the program?

All applicants who are accepted to the program will be contacted no later than February 19, 2024.

6. How do I check my download and upload internet speed?

Please use the following websites to check your speed. You may want to run the test several times to get an accurate reading.

7. What if I have a low upload and download speed after I take the test? Will this impact my application?

These data are being used for information only and will not impact your application.

8. I’m having trouble accessing the application form, is there another way to fill it out?

You can contact the Ontario CLRI at and we will email you a copy of the application to fill out.

9. What are the best browsers to use during the application?

Chrome and Firefox are the best options to use.

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